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Batis ng Liliw, Taytay Falls and Majayjay, Laguna, Philippines

Laguna, Philippines
(Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan, Liliw, Nagcarlan, Majayjay and San Pablo; May 1-3, 2009)

How to get there? You can take a bus at the HM transit at their Cubao Station all the way to Sta. Cruz, Laguna. From Sta. Cruz, you can either proceed to Pagsanjan and visit the famous Pagsanjan falls. Or you can opt to take a different route and board a jeepney that would directly take you to Liliw.

From Liliw, one can ride another jeep either to Nagcarlan or Majayjay. From Nagcarlan another jeep can take you to San Pablo. From Majayjay, your on the way to Taytay Falls.

What the Bat noticed in travelling to these places is that the roads are well built and let us say “road worthy”.

Pagsanjan Falls Lodge
Pagsanjan, Laguna

From from Sta. Cruz, Laguna you can take a jeepney then a tricycle that would take you to the Pagsanjan Falls Lodge (actually a hotel) where an overnight stay fetches at P 2,500.00. Here, you can take a banca to the “shooting the rapids” experience at the Pagsanjan falls as the lodge stands very near the river bank.

The lodge offers you an unhampered view of the pagsanjan river and its hard not to notice the brownish color of the river which reminds you of the polluted waters of the Pasig. The Bat can only hope that this river would not turn out like that as of the Pasig. In fairness, however, the river appears to be without the usual trash as of yet.

This lodge was fully booked and abound with foreigners (usually Koreans) when visited by the Bat and it is suggested that reservations be made before going there. The staff at this hotel are courteous and the food is ok and without a very high price tag.

Batis ng Liliw Resort
Liliw Laguna

From Sta Cruz or Pagsanjan, you can take a jeepney to Liliw, Laguna. This place is known for its slippers and sandals. When the Bat visited the place, it was the “Tsinelas Festival”. A part of the street was closed to traffic. From the jeepney station where all passengers were told to alight, a tricycle can take you the “Batis ng Liliw” Resort.

The “Batis ng Liliw” resort boast of a pool and three smaller pools that appear to be with flowing water. But, actually only the three smaller pools have flowing water. The water at main pool, according to the caretaker, is usually drained and changed during Sundays and the water is taken from a river near the resort whose waters emanate from Mount Banahaw. The water at this resort is cold. Entrance fee is at P 60.00 for adults and the rooms are pegged at P 2,500 to P1,000 for an overnight stay. Perhaps, this is the going rate this summer season.

The Bat noticed the river near the resort and he was appalled by seeing trash on the river. When are we going to learn? The Bat hopes that the visitors at the place or the resort itself refrain from throwing their garbage or (sewage) at this river. Otherwise, it would just be a matter of time before the river dies out as well as the resort.

The Batis ng Liliw resort is a good strategic point for anyone who would like to visit Nagcarlan to San Pablo or Liliw to Majayjay as jeepneys with these routes pass by the resort.

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery
Nagcarlan, Laguna

The Nagcarlan Cemetery, as often thought of, is not located within the Nagcarlan Church. The famous cemetery is located near the “Kapitolyo” in front of a Shell Gasoline Station after a 15 minute, more or less, ride from the church.

There is a legend that an underground passageway connects the Nagcarlan Church and the underground cemetery. But, no one living now can prove its existence. It is nothing but a “legend”.

The “underground” connotation of the cemetery may frustrate a visitor as there is only a few flight of stairs going down inside a chapel of the cemetery and not those dark and eerie passageways or crypts one expects to see.

Sampaloc Lake
San Pablo, Laguna

From the underground cemetery, a jeepney takes you to San Pablo. From anywhere near the “Kapitolyo” you can ride a tricycle to the Sampaloc Lake.

The Sampaloc lake is the biggest of the 7 lakes of San Pablo. But, you can circumnavigate the lake for more or less 30 minutes by renting a bicycle for P10.00. There are informal settlers along the lake and the Bat feels that it is better for the lake and everyone that these settlers are removed. Political will…

Taytay Falls
Majayjay, Laguna

There is a jeepney that would take you to Taytay falls in Majayjay. The road to the falls are concrete and there are practically no rough road. There is an entrance fee of P 20.00 and you need to walk a kilometer, more or less, to reach the falls.

At the “entrance”, where the Barangay hall is likewise located, you can find vendors selling food items. I say the trip is worth it. The water in the falls is very clear and cold. I hope that the place is preserved and all visitors refrain from throwing their garbage into the river. I fully support the effort of the authorities in the area in maintaining the cleanliness of the place.

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